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Selenium Testing training in Chandigarh

WebtechLearning is the best institute providing training in Selenium Testing. 
Our selenium training in Chandigarh handled by a working professionals who has in-depth experience of working selenium automation tool.  This course is for people who want to make their career in selenium automation tool.

Selenium Testing Training in Chandigarh

Within the software industry, once a product reaches the stable manual testing phase, every organization usually thinks of automated testing to save on the costs involved in manual testing. In software development, it is a common practice to adopt test automation, once the software completes the stable phase of manual testing.
Every organization thinks of automated testing as a way to cut down manual testing costs. The cost of testing is significant for any software project and organizations are keen to invest in open source testing tools than expensive commercial testing suites.
There are varieties of open source testing tools available online, but this blog explores factors to succeed with the open source web automation tool – Selenium.

In present time complexity of websites are increasing rapidly hence it is becoming important task to implement a wild test on website to ensure its quality, performance and correct behavior as per expected goals.

Introduction to Selenium Tool

Selenium is a freely available software testing tool that is used to perform an automation test on web based applications. It has the capability to test website across multiple operating systems and different browsers. It is not just a single testing tool but a suite of different software components. Each software of selenium test suit cater different testing needs of software industry. It constitute four components.

  • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium RC (Remote Control)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

At present, Selenium WebDriver and RC tools are merged together into a single framework to form Selenium 2. Here we will go through all independent components.

Who Should attend ?

  • Candidates having experience in manual testing want to switch into Automation testing.
  • Professional Manual & Automation Tester
  • Known to the Web and or client/server environment
  • Basic programming knowledge & experience in Java language is required for getting eligible for selenium training.

Why Selenium?

Selenium is most flexible and efficient automation testing tool available in the market for validating web applications. The demand for this tool is further increased for its incredible features like cross browsers and operating systems supports when compared to other automation testing products. Selenium offers more flexibility when comes to writing test scripts. You can able to write scripts in any programming language such as Java, C#, .Net, etc.

For Example, if your web application is developed on Python programming language, you no need to write test scripts on the same programming language. Test scripts can be either written on Java, .Net, etc. WebtechLearning will help you to get trained from industry experts.

  • Selenium offer support to various programming languages such as C#, Java, Python and Ruby. Here are some advantages of using selenium automation testing tool.
  • Being an open source tool, selenium is ideal for cost efficient software development. Further, its features can be compared with HP Quick Test Pro, commercial testing framework in same category.
  • Selenium testing tool is easy to install and configure.
  • Selenium can generate and execute the test scripts in various browsers and multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Selenium offer various useful components that can be used based upon the complexity of a web page.
  • Selenium supports both Android and iPhone testing.

Features and key benefits of Selenium testing suit

Selenium IDE

The IDE framework is the simplest and easiest to learn tool in Selenium testing suite. It is a plug-in for firefox browser that can easily be installed. It can only be used as an original tool whereas for advanced test cases either Selenium WebDriver or RC will be required.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • No prior experience of programming required
  • Tests can be exported in usable formats for selenium WebDriver and RC.
  • Has in-built help and module for reporting test results.
  • Provide extensions support.

Selenium RC

This tools was the leading testing framework among the selenium testing suit for long time. It is the first website testing tool that allowed testers to use programming language for automation testing. Selenium RC support programming languages including Java, PHP, Perl, C#, Python and Ruby.


  • It has simple and complete API
  • It can easily be used in cross-platform and cross-browser environment.
  • It can perform conditional operations and looping.
  • It supports data driven testing
  • New browsers can easily be supported
  • Its execution is faster than IDE.

Selenium WebDriver

The WebDriver tool proves itself as much efficient tool than Selenium IDE and RC in many features. It implements more advanced and stable approach for automating the actions of browser. WebDriver does not depends on JavaScript for automation as Selenium RC depends. It controls browser directly by communicating with it. It also supports the same programming languages which are supported by Selenium RC.


  • Installation is simple than Selenium RC
  • Communicates directly with browser
  • More realistic browser interaction
  • No need of separate component as required in RC Server
  • Fast execution time than Selenium RC and IDE

Selenium Grid

This tool together with Selenium RC is used to run multiple tests side-by-side across different browsers and machines at the same time.


  • Multiple tests can be executed simultaneously in different browsers and environments.
  • It usually saves time.
  • It employ hub-nodes concept. For each connected node, hub acts as main source of Selenium commands.

Syllabus For Selenium Testing 

Introduction to Selenium:

Course Objective:-

On Completion of Selenium –Java course the participants will be able to

  • Understand Oops /java concepts
  • Understand Selenium IDE,RC
  • Understand Selenium WebDriver tool in depth, it’s features & components
  • Building a new Test Framework by using Web Driver, Test NG


  • Set up TestNG, and Selenium 2.25 for eclipse

Module 1: Selenium Introduction

  • Selenium Introduction
  • What is Selenium and Why Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components
  • Java in Selenium

Module 2: Selenium IDE Introduction

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • “Selene’s” – Selenium Commands
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites With Selenium-IDE

Module 3: Selenium Web Driver Introduction

  • Selenium Web Driver Introduction
  • Download and Configure Web Driver with Eclipse
  • Simple Test case
    • Open and Close Browser
    • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE ,Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
  • UI elements ,Locators
  • Identifying Web Element using id, name, link text, class, xpath,ccc

Module4: Testing Framework (TestNG)

  • Testing introduction and Configuration with eclipse
  • Testing  Annotations
  • @Before Suite
  •  @Before test
  •  @Before class
  •  @Before Method
  •  @Test
  •  @After Method
  •  @After class
  •  @After Test
  • @After Suite
  •  Creating Test Suit with Testing

Webtech Learning Certification

  • Written Test
  • Practical Test

Selenium trainer Profile & Placement

Our Selenium Trainers

  • More than 4 Years of experience in Selenium & Automation Testing
  • Has worked on realtime Selenium projects
  • Working in a MNC company/Freelancer testers
  • Trained 75+ Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Selenium certified Professionals

Selenium Training  Benefits @WebtechLearning

  • Real Time Trainers
  • 100% Placement
  • Small Training Batch
  • Flexible Timings
  • Practical Guidance
  • Excellent Lab Facility
  • Selenium Resume Preparation
  • Hands on Experience
  • selenium Certification Support

After completion of the course we provide selenium interview questions, selenium mock interviews. Also live project is provided as part of selenium training classes.
We teach core java concepts to help candidates in easily code in selenium training.

Conclusion :

After going through all the details and benefits of selenium testing suit it has been noted that today Selenium is one of the best and most preferred automation testing tool for websites. Because of its features and easy to use APIs, Selenium testing suit becoming the first choice for automation testers to test GUI and functionality of web based application. Unit testing for JavaScript can also be done using Selenium tool.
If you are also engaged in software testing or automation testing then this tool will sure benefits you to automate your test for web based applications. To get training in Selenium Testing WebtechLearning enables you to get 100% practical training in Automation testing tools.

So what are you waiting for?

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