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PPC Course in Mohali

PPC Course in Mohali with live Projects + Certifications + 100% Job Assurance

PPC Course in Mohali – Get Professional PPC course from Experts and Google Certified Trainers in Mohali. We Believe in Practical and Live Projects Training, Webtech Learning is One of the Most renowned institutes for PPC Course in Mohali covering all Main Components of PPC. Google Adwords PPC is one of the most effective Pay Per Click advertising platform. We provide specialized PPC Course in Mohali for Jobseekers.

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What is PPC?

PPC is a contraction of “pay per click,” which is known to command the Web showcasing area of today. PPC Course in Mohali is likewise called paid hunt or SEM (web index promoting). It is otherwise called “fetched per click” showcasing. PPC includes purchasing catchphrases of various web crawlers, for example, Google, Hurray, MSN, and Bing.

Steps are attempted to guarantee that the group of onlookers is coordinated to the promoted site. PPC administrations use each snap made on the promoted site. PPC is an extraordinary approach to accomplish momentary outcomes, making Pay Per Snap Preparing the need for great importance.

People who had received PPC training in Mohali are in a much better position to promote an internet marketing business to a higher spot. PPC advertising has developed into an essential component of online digital marketing. Pay per click advertising is a revolutionary solution that has taken the digital internet marketing world by storm.

Quality PPC Course in Mohali will provide your business to soar to different levels of success by beating competitors when it comes to internet marketing.

Who can Join PPC Course in Mohali?

Professionals looking to elevate their digital marketing skills would benefit from this course. The PPC training is beneficial for those looking to specialize in paid campaigns. Apart from this, the course is useful for the following entities:

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Graduates

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Why Should You Learn from PPC Course in Mohali?

Today’s Best Source of Quality Lead generation is the Internet and Pay Per Click advertising model. It gives you best Results. You Must learn “PPC” If you want to start Selling your Goods or Services within 24hrs. Below are some more reasons for Lean Paid Advertising.

  • PPC is one of the best methods of Direct Online Marketing.
  • PPC results are quicker as compared to SEO operations.
  • There are many Pay Per Click programs however the leader is Google Advertising program.
  • Highly Paid Jobs starting 25k to 90k per month.
  • Best For Business Startups Planning to Acquire Online Leads.

Career Opportunities

Following is the list of Career opportunities after completing PPC Training in Mohali

  • PPC Executive
  • PPC Trainer
  • PPC Analyst
  • Adword Specialist
  • Team Manager
  • PPC Manager

How do get certified in advanced PPC?

When you have completed the training, you will become certified when you pass the PPC examination.

  • You can become a PPC certified professional when you pass the PPC examination. To unlock the certificate, you must:
  • Complete 85% of the course.
  • Complete 1 simulation test and score a minimum of 60%

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What you Learn after Completing the PPC Training in Mohali?

This advanced Pay-Per-Click(PPC) course helps participants gain expertise in Pay-Per-Click and Paid Search. After completing this advanced PPC course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand various aspects of Pay Per Click advertising
  • Familiarize themselves with the auction model of paid search, ranking algorithms, and post-click activity
  • Comprehend the differences between multiple search engines and identify the impact of each search engine on a paid campaign
  • Assess the market shared by each search engine
  • Identify and analyze the past and future Pay-Per-Click trends and make use of these patterns
  • Define, measure, and compare keywords and use these insights in your remarketing efforts
  • Choose keywords best-suited to fit the advertising model.
  • Identify various campaign settings and the pricing models involved in PPC
  • Develop paid advertisement content and landing pages and efficiently use ad groups
  • Understand which PPC campaigns work for your competition by analyzing market trends
  • Conduct research and track ROI and clicks to make informed business decisions

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PPC Training Course in Mohali Modules:

Pay per click (PPC) Syllabus

Goal & Research

  • Goal / Target
  • Strategy
  • creation
  • Executions
  • Results

Pay per Click Introduction / Types

  • Introduction and PPC basics, definitions for PPC Guide for Beginners.
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing ads networks
  • Facebook ads

Keyword Targeting

  • What are keywords
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research Techniques and Tips
  • Keyword Matching Options ( Broad, Exact, Phrase, +Modifier, -Modifier)
  • Negative Keywords

Campaigns Management

  • How To Create Campaigns
  • How to Create Ad Groups
  • How to create best ads
  • How to add keywords (Negative)
  • Exercise on Research

Campaigns Management & Targeting

How to set Networks, Language Targeting, Device Targeting, Bidding Options, Ad Scheduling, Ad Delivery, Setting Budget, URL Tracking, ads re-targeting, PLA Ads and Reporting

Ads Types

  • Types of Ads in Adwords
  • Rules for writing ad copy
  • Dos and Donts of ads
  • Split Testing of Advertising
  • Ad Policy

Display Ad Builder – Bidding Management

Bidding Schooling, Bidding Types, First Page Bids, Top Page Bids, Automatic request, Manual Bidding, How Billing Works, Automatic Billing Process, Manual Billing Method, Billing Safety actions, Promo Codes, PPC accounting guidance

Landing Page

  • What is Landing page
  • How to improve Quality score
  • User experience for landing page

Test / Assignments for Certifications

  • Practical Test
  • Written Test

Google Certifications preparations for

  • Advertising Fundamentals
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Display

Why PPC Training in Mohali from WebTech Learning?

  • We are the oldest Digital marketing agency having experience of more than 10 years in paid advertising.
  • Our PPC Training classes are taken by PPC experts with 9 years of Experience.
  • Our professional  Pay Per Click course is designed by experienced PPC managers working with large corporates.
  • We are the oldest and most experienced in Paid Marketing Training Programs.
  • In our PPC classes you will get Live Campaign practice.
  • Google Adwords Certification Full Preparation Support & Exam.
  • We are dedicated to Internet Marketing Education only, therefore you get the best Quality Training.

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