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Manual Testing Course in Mohali

Manual Testing Course in Mohali – Webtech Learning Mohali provides real-time and placement focused manual testing training in Mohali. Our Manual Testing Course in Mohali includes basic to advanced level. Our manual testing course is designed in such a way that to get the placement in good MNC companies in tricity as quickly as once you complete the Manual Testing Course in Mohali.

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Manual Testing Course in Mohali

Our manual testing trainers area unit manual code testing certified specialists and seven years old operating professionals with active period multiple Manual Testing comes information. we’ve got designed our manual testing course content and information supported students demand to attain everyone’s career goal.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing coaching could be a testing procedure that’s done by physically keeping in mind the top goal to get the defects while not the use of devices or automation scripting.

A check arrange report is completed that goes regarding as a manual for the checking procedure with a particular finish goal to own the complete test scope.

About Manual Testing Course in Mohali

Webtech Learning Manual Testing Course in Mohali will combine the fundamental software testing and related program analysis techniques. The course will include concepts of Test generation, Test oracles, Test coverage, Regression, Mutation testing, Program Analysis, etc.

Manual Testing is executed manually but with Automated Testing, test cases are executed with the assistance of tools.

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Objectives of Manual Testing Course in Mohali

After the completion of the Manual Testing Course in Mohali, you will be able to :

  • Understand the software testing processes and manual testing processes like Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing and regression
  • Understand fundamental concepts in software testing, including software testing objectives, processes, criterion, strategies, and methods
  • Design and execute software testing activities for a testing project
  • Effectively communicate to interact and collaborate with stakeholders
  • Learn to plan a test project, design test cases, and data, conduct testing operations, manage defects and generate a test report
  • Learn to write software testing documents and communicate with engineers in various forms

Who should go for this course?

This is a foundation course for professionals who want to learn and gain insights on software testing
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Software Test Managers
  • QA Engineers
  • QA leads and Managers’
  • Customer Support Executives
  • Administrators
  • Fresh Graduates and Students.

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Content to be Covered in Manual testing Course in Mohali

Software Testing Overview

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Objectives of Testing
  • Software Development Process
  • Project vs. Product
  • Error / Fault / Failure
  • Why Software has defects?
  • Most common defects
  • Cost of fixing defects
  • Testing then … & Testing now…
  • What is Verification & Validation
  • Difference between QA & QC
  • Role of a Tester

Principles of Testing

  • Early Testing
  • Exhaustive Testing Impossible
  • Defect Clustering
  • Pesticide Paradox
  • Testing is Context Dependant
  • Testing Should Show Presence of Defects
  • Absence of Error is a Fallacy

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • SDLC Phases
  • SDLC Models
    • Waterfall Model
    • V Model
    • RAD Model
    • Prototype Model
    • Spiral Model
    • Agile Model

Software Testing Methodologies

  • Static Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Gray Box Testing

Static Testing Techniques

  • Reviews
  • Walkthroughs

White Box Testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing

Black Box Testing

  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Alpha Testing
    • Beta Testing

System Testing & Types of System Testing

  • Smoke / Sanity Testing
  • Formal Testing
  • Priority Based/Risk-Based Testing
  • Ad-hoc Testing
  • Re-Testing & Regression Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Monkey Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Recovery Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

  • Test Planning
    • Test Strategy
    • Test Plan
  • Test Analysis
    • Analyzing Functional Requirements
    • Preparing Requirement Clarification
  • Test Preparation
    • Identifying & documenting Test Scenarios
    • Test Case Design Techniques
      • ECP
      • BVA
      • Decision Table Testing
      • State Transition Testing
      • Use case Testing
    • Preparing Test Cases
    • Preparing Test Data
    • Preparing RTM
  • Test Execution
    • Build Release Process
    • Executing Testcases
  • Defect / Bug Life Cycle
  • Defect Management
    • What is a defect?
    • Defect Classification
    • Defect Severity & Defect Priority
    • Defect Report Template
    • Defect Reporting & Defect Tracking
  • Test Closure
    • Criteria for Test Closure
    • Status Reports (Daily & Weekly)
    • Test Summary Reports
    • Agile Testing
    • Database Testing

Test Management & Defect Management Tools

  • ALM (Quality Center)
  • Jira

Structured Query Language

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Joining Tables
  • Deleting Data
  • Using Views
  • Deleting Data
  • Grouping Data
  • Between Operator

Unix Basic Command

  • Grep Command
  • Find Command
  • SSH Command
  • VIM Command
  • LS Command
  • PWD Command
  • CD Command
  • Shut Down Command
  • FTP Command
  • Service Command
  • PS Command
  • Kill Command
  • RM Command
  • CP Command
  • MV Command
  • CAT Command
  • PASSWD Command
  • MKDIR Command
  • UNAME Command
  • WHATIS Command
  • TAIL Command
  • LESS Command
  • PING Command
  • Date Command

Why choose WebTechLearning for Manual Testing Course in Mohali?

WebTech Learning provides the best manual Testing Course in Mohali for students to build their carriers in IT. We are offering 100% jobs oriented courses that you will join a professional Software Testing Training in Mohali expose your career as a software tester.

  • We are ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED
  • Exceptional Infrastructure and advanced classrooms
  • Providing study material to students on a daily basis
  • Training by the best trainers
  • Weekend Batches also Available to enhance their skills
  • Interview preparation to the students after completion of the course
  • 100% Jobs Placement
  • Fee by Installments
  • Live Projects Training
  • Training on using the latest testing practices and latest technologies

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  • Address: SCF – 24, 2nd Floor, Phase – 7 Mohali – 160059
  • Contact Number: +91-6283 588 646

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