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Tips to write a resume for your first job

Hey there! Are you preparing for your first interview?


But, wondering how to create Resume for your interview?

Don’t be stressed!

Most of the fresher’s or job seekers fail to acknowledge that a resume is a document of actual information about them, a document of marketing themselves and not a piece of paper that is carried along for an interview as a formality. So it’s better to create the resume(s) that must be precise. We are here providing you the tips for how to write a resume for your job. But first of all, you must know what basically Resume is?

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Top 10 PHP Interview Question-answers for 2017

According to statistics, the popularity of PHP is increasing day by day. It is getting more powerful and stable with every update. One of the major factors which influenced the popularity of PHP is open source software built on top of this language.

Highly popular open source software like WordPress (used to build Content Management Systems & Blogging websites), Joomla (used to build Content Management Systems) , Magento (used to build high end shopping carts), OpenCart (used to build simple shopping carts) are all built on top of PHP with MySql as database. All these open source software have contributed to the increase in popularity of PHP.

And if you preparing for the Interviews in PHP Development for the first time and nervous for the Interviews that what questions can be asked?

Don’t be Stressed!

WebtechLearning helps you to prepare for the PHP Interview Questions answers in Web-Development. PHP is an important part of the web world, and every web developer should have the basic knowledge in PHP. Here we are mentioning the list of most frequently asked Top PHP interview Questions and Answers in 2017 that will help you to be prepared for the interviews for the profile of PHP Developer.

As Many freshers are looking for jobs in PHP. This article will help you in knowing the latest trends in PHP, the highly popular open source applications, which platforms & software’s you should master and such things to get your first good job in PHP.

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Top 10 Website Designing Interview Questions for 2016-2017

After getting through the Professional Website designing Course, there will come a time when you need to get a job and the gateway between you and gainful employment is the interview process. Believe it or not, some people find that the most difficult part of the interview is the icebreaker portion that involves small talk and requires some clever improvisation on your part.

Therefore, I have  prepared some extra Guidelines about how to Crack Job Interviews for Website Designing. This Complete Guide from beginner to Advance level of a Website Designer helps you to easily crack technical interviews for Website Designing Jobs.
Whether you are Fresher or experienced, this e-book guide will be beneficial to you in all the ways.
Click on the E-book to Download complete Interview Question-answers for website designing interview preparation.


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Software testing Interview Questions and Answers

Software testing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1- What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is focused on verifying the system performance requirements like response time, Transaction throughput and number of concurrent users. It is used to accurately measure the End-to-End performance of a system. It identifies the loop holes in Architectural Design which helps to tune the application.
It includes the following:
– Emulating ‘n’ number of users interacting with the system using minimal hardware.
– Measuring End-User’s Response time.
– Repeating the load consistently.
– Monitoring the system components under controlled load.
– Providing robust analysis and reporting engines.

2- What is the difference between Testing Techniques and Testing Tools?

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