Career in Website designing in India & Overseas

Do you desire to become a website designer?

But just the idea of getting started in web design can be overwhelming. What are the basic skills you need to have? Are you eligible to learn Website Designing? Should you learn to code? What tools do you have to have? How to get Website Designing Job? These are the most important questions that must be answered before you start.


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Career Scope of Android Training in India

 Career Scope of Android training in India-

India stands second in the world, in the number of active mobile phones.
The world as such has become very busy and we find it difficult to manage the time. In this context, Android Apps has definitely helped in saving the time. People sitting in front of computers for web browsing or even playing games are a long forgotten scene. We get everything on a finger touch away. Android has revolutionized mobile phone technology and is still finding its way forward. There are thousands of Apps available in the Google Play Store, of which many are related to our day to day affairs. In India, Android has a long way to go forward as the needs and priorities of people are different from other parts of the world.

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Tips to write a resume for your first job

Hey there! Are you preparing for your first interview?


But, wondering how to create Resume for your interview?

Don’t be stressed!

Most of the fresher’s or job seekers fail to acknowledge that a resume is a document of actual information about them, a document of marketing themselves and not a piece of paper that is carried along for an interview as a formality. So it’s better to create the resume(s) that must be precise. We are here providing you the tips for how to write a resume for your job. But first of all, you must know what basically Resume is?

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Future Scope of Content Writing in India

The information age is well and truly taking over India, and this is marked by a steadily growing dependency on the Internet for almost everything, right from fixing laptop issues to planning our travel. The Web is an amazing resource for information-seekers and the generally curious, but where does all the content come from….?


Content writers, of course, from all corners of the world. With increasing Internet penetration in developing countries, content writing for new media services is turning out to be an interesting career option.

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Future scope of PHP Developer in India

PHP became popular after Mark Zuckerberg built facebook using it and has since seen an upward graph in its usage. PHP development is using for many purposes like web-based applications, custom applications and CMS, chat software, and developing dynamic tools. As Every language evolves with time. PHP is purely a web-based server-side language used to build web applications but other languages have the ability to build programs for almost any platform.









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